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React Knowledgeable, nicknamed <RK />, is a fun and friendly podium to share what we learn about React.

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<RK⚡️ issue={7} specialEdition="CFP" />

February 6, 2020, 7:30pm

👥 Attendees 👥

an amazing RK kid is going


## <RK /> this month

This month, after the Singapore edition of Global Diversity CFP Day, we'll do a CFP Special Edition for February! This will also be the first chance to get the newest (y)ear of the mouse limited edition speaker sticker :)

📝 CFP special edition special proposals

CFP stands for "call for proposals" and is a typical procedure adopted by conferences and meetups to ask people submit for talks.

The goal of this special edition is to think about, practice, and inspire your potential conference talk / proposals. Note that you don't have to be sure that you will absolutely submit this proposal to any conference yet, nor do you have to be completely comfortable talking about it. The focus of this event is more on exploring the possibilities and to have other participants toss out ideas for inspirations.

So this month, instead of submitting lightning talks, we ask that you submit an intro to your talk where you talk about:

  • what would you like to talk about
  • what got you hooked up by this subject
  • what have you done to explore this subject
  • any difficulties you've encountered
  • any dramas that happened
  • what is the most interesting matter about this topic

If you already have thoughts about how you will structure your talk, please do not hesitate to share with us:

  • how do you want your talk to progress
  • what do you want your audience to take home with

In addition, you may also choose to include:

  • what is the conference(s) you'd like to submit this talk for
  • anything special about this conference
  • any previous talks that are interesting or made you consider going to this conference
  • where does this conference take place and anything interesting about this place

To propose your special edition CFP talk, create an issue here and reference react-knowledgeable/events#7 (this issue). We'll reference your talk under this issue once we confirm with your schedule.

🙋🏻‍♀️ CFP special edition special activities

After each talk, we'll go two rounds of brainstorms:

  • anybody in this room who has any knowledge about your subject matter
  • anybody who has any personal stories to share about this topic

The goal of these two rounds of brainstorms is to help add inspirations to your talk.

🕹 CFP special edition special game

We'll play PowerPoint Karaoke as the second half of the event. We'll do an RK variant which potentially has more focus on the React ecosystem.

Note that you will see the decks as you start speaking. The goal of this game is to practice public speaking skills. And in particular, your improvisational and coming up with nonsense skills.

Special thanks to @yishus, @thchia, @KenLSM, @wgao19 for donating decks. If you are interested in donating decks for this game, please contact us in private (DM us on reknowledgeable).


CFP proposals

To propose your special edition CFP talk, create an issue here and reference react-knowledgeable/events#7 (this issue)

RK Karaoke signups

To indicate your participation at RK Karaoke, please comment in this issue below with:

  • full name
  • GitHub handle (please RSVP here)
  • this will be my first time doing a public speaking
  • I am happy to have this talk recorded by @engineersftw (by default, we record talks to be accessible by more audience, if you don't want, please uncheck this)

🎙 Talk Line-up 🎙