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RK Originals is 1 Year Old 🥳

wei on October 5, 2019

The "Originals" chapter of React Knowledgeable is 1 year old!

This week, I got introduced to our new team members as "the girl behind RK". And I got people talk to me explicitly to comment on how awesome they think RK is. It's like a week of packed complements that I'm not sure I'm ready to take. It just so happened that this Saturday, Oct 5, is the 1-year anniversary for the original (Shopee) chapter of RK. So I'll shamelessly take all complements as birthday presents to this baby.

Meanwhile, I need to make sure everyone who bugs me about RK will also bug Ken. Because Ken is the true fine geek behind all the shiny parts of RK. There's no RK without Ken.

Also RK has recently taken on a ninja fun look which seems incredibly great match with Thomas. You should totally come to our next meetup if you've never met him (which is wroooooong and needsfix).

And I also hope that Jennie will rephrase the intro as a girl behind RK and not the girl behind RK because apparently she's contributing more than she realizes. And we have Yishu, plus one ninja fun and puts us on a superb gender balance.

The Singapore chapter of RK relies on many pairs of hands roughly led by Huijing, who prefers not to be on the roster but has been supporting us all the way. Bey timer will be her constant precense, so it is with our logo, our website, stickers, and all fine look that RK has. She's probably gonna make sure we look greaaaaaaaaaat inside out. And, please keep supplying the term we steal too :]

And we have received so much support from the local community, ReactJS, SingaporeCSS, SingaporeJS, Engineers.SG, as well as the companies who hosted us, starting from Carousell, Hackerspace, SP Digital, and GovTech Hive down the pipeline and potentially Stripe in Dec. And gratitudes also go to all the fine ladies and gentlemen who have put in blind faith in us and supported our presence.

Nothing can express our appreciation to all the speakers who have presented great content at RK. All we promise is that you'll always have us behind this podium, hopefully your fun and friendly companion to your journey as a React developer.