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💸 (Ec)static Commerce

thorsten-stripe on November 9, 2019


Hello, I'm Thor (雷神), a Developer Advocate at Stripe working with many different technologies on the web to grow the GDP of the internet. Having spent most of my time with Stripe users in Europe, I recently moved to Singapore to learn from and all about APAC's developer communities.


In this hands-on ⚡️talk we'll explore how we can use Gatsby themes to spin up a simple storefront using Stripe Checkout, and we'll look behind the scenes of the Gatsby Swag Store to see how we can take our static commerce page to the next level with the Shopify GraphQL API.


  • react-knowledgeable/events#5
  • Number of minutes needed to ⚡️: 10
  • I am happy to have this talk recorded by @engineersftw (by default, we record talks to be accessible by more audience, if you don't want, please uncheck this)