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🌏 Navigating i18n in SEA with Gatsby

zainfathoni on November 9, 2019

who are you and where to find you

I'm Zain Fathoni, a Senior Software Engineer at Ninja Van.
You can reach me through Telegram or Twitter.


Ninja Van has established its presence in six countries across South East Asia for the past few years.

Recently we revamped our website using Gatsby to enable us to customize its components in React.
This talk is a story about my ups and downs in getting i18n works properly at our website to serve those countries in two different domains.


  • I prefer to give this talk at: react-knowledgeable/events#5
  • Number of minutes needed to ⚡️: 10
  • I am happy to have this talk recorded by @engineersftw (by default, we record talks to be accessible by more audience, if you don't want, please uncheck this)