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🕹 Yet Another Reason to Buy A Switch (that Has Joy-Cons)

wgao19 on November 9, 2019

who are you and where to find you

I'm Wei. I have a home on the open web and a work-in-progress blog. To find me in person you need to come to SingaporeCSS or RK, or occasionally at other meetups in town.


This talk is about turning a Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con 🕹 into a clicker, which is non-trivial effort because you need to poll keypress events by yourself using the Gamepad API.

In this concise version of the talk, instead of technical details, I'll talk about what I learned by building this feature and toying with the gamepad API

  • overview / motivation of the project
  • polling key presses using a game loop

As I understand, this is marginally related with JAMstack. And if the stage is full I'm happy to give this talk in the following event.


  • I prefer to give this talk at: react-knowledgeable/events#5
  • Number of minutes needed to ⚡️:
  • I am happy to have this talk recorded by @engineersftw (by default, we record talks to be accessible by more audience, if you don't want, please uncheck this)