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🌊 Adding Codewaves into gatsby blog

email2vimalraj on December 3, 2019

who are you and where to find you

My name is Vimalraj Selvam. I am a Staff Software Engineer at Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd. I build various visualisation tools using React for my company which is heavily used by the command center teams. I am mostly reachable via twitter.


Recently Mr. Rodrigo Pombo had published a post on his blog on Building our own React which caught many eyes especially in terms of how he presented the post to audience. All this made possible by his own Gatsby based theme called Gatsby Waves. During this talk I'll show on how we can use this theme in our blog and make our blog more prettier.


  • I prefer to give this talk at: react-knowledgeable/events#5
  • Number of minutes needed to ⚡️: 10
  • I am happy to have this talk recorded by @engineersftw (by default, we record talks to be accessible by more audience, if you don't want, please uncheck this)