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💨 Build and deploy a blog under 10 minutes with JAMstack

email2vimalraj on July 18, 2019

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My name is Vimalraj Selvam. I am a Staff Software Engineer at Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd. I recently gave a talk in Berlin at GraphqlConf 2019 about Scaling GraphQL subscriptions. I build various visualisation tools using React for my company which is heavily used by the command center teams. I am mostly reachable via twitter.


I'd like to speak about Build and deploy a blog under 10 minutes with JAMStack. Here's a little more background and motivation about the talk:

JAMstack is hot now which enables anyone to build the websites with quick turnaround. During this talk, I'll show a quick demo on building a simple blog site and deploy it in netlify using Gatsby (React, GraphQL and markdowns).

As you can see above, I have a point to make. Please let me in thanks.


  • I prefer to give this talk at: August
  • Number of minutes needed to ⚡️: 10