What Is React Knowledgeable

Helping 🇸🇬 local React engineers to speak at global conferences.

React Knowledgeable started as an internal sharing by a React developers team. We've been running a weekly mini-conference style talk series since Oct 2018 (We still are! But due to company policy we're not supposed to talk much about it). With our 30 engineers, we are doing one featured (30 min) and one lightning (7 min) talks most of the weeks.

After running R-K for half a year, we realize what we've learned about talks is valuable and we wish to bring R-K to a broader audience. Also, the spirit to learn by teaching and speaking should prevail 👨🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫

We want to build a community to work together on talk proposals and dry runs to prepare for talks for global React conferences. We also want to share the work and learning in progress to become better developers over time.

Currently, we're running two types of fun workshops:

React Knowledgeable Board Game

A board game style workshop to help turn ideas to talk proposals. You should join this when you have a rough idea of a topic, and are seeking to prepare a proposal for it.

React Knowledgeable Dry Run

Dry run workshop where we invite people of interest and expertise to help provide feedbacks and insights to your talk.

  • Speakers: You should join this when you've nearly finished with your talk preparation and slides, and would like to receive feedback for your talk.
  • Others: You may want to join if you are interested in the topic, wish to learn how others prepare for talks, or wish to contribute to those talks. They may become actual conference talks on a global stage!